Welcome to our section of Homeopathic Remedies. Here you will find a wide variety homeopathics, both classical and modern, in liquid form.

Our inventory of classical homeopathy comprises from aconitum napellus, bryonia alba, and calcarea phosphorica to stramonium, thuja occidentalis, and urtica urens; including renowned polycrests such as belladona, nux vomica, and rhus tox.

We also bring you an extensive variety of sarcodes - homeopathic remedies whose source materials come from healthy tissues or organs - known in Europe as cellular homeopathy. The treatment of health conditions through these type of homeopathy is called Organotherapy.

Additionally, our catalog includes oligoelements - homeopathy that employs trace minerals as main ingredient. Oligotherapy is used to treat cases of deficiency of trace minerals in the body.

Homeopathic medicine may help you with menopause, arthritis, psoriasis, cancer, cholesterol, stress, anxiety, addictions, sleep, and countless ailments. #HomeopathicRemedies
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